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Upcoming Ohio Metaphysical Society (OMS) Meetings and Special Workshops:


OUR NEXT MEETING WILL BE ON: Friday, June 3 , 2016


On Friday June 3, 2016, OMS presents Kelly Brown
(Doors open at 7:00 pm, and the speaker starts at 7:30 pm.
 A suggested love offering of $10).


An Introduction to Clinical Hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy can be used in a group setting, which is what we will be doing during the OMS meeting. I will briefly explain how hypnotherapy works from a physical, psychological and then spiritual perspective. We will do some short exercises to introduce you to the process and feeling of hypnotherapy. We will do a fun past life exercise using kinesiology or muscle testing, and THEN…we will do an extended group hypnotherapy session to allow you to experience a little of everything described above from a positive, fun, informative, self-exploration standpoint!! Wear your comfy clothes, and bring a blanket and pillow.

Clinical Hypnotherapy, when it is used therapeutically, is done in an individual session, tailored to the specific needs of each client, and is 2+ hours in length. Generally, the goal is to get to the original root cause of the issue/situation the client wishes to address, using techniques such as regression, current time exploration and progression.


Hypnotherapy works wonderfully for long standing problems (i.e. smoking, weight, addiction, depression, anxiety and trauma), for phobias and fears (i.e. flying, water, etc.), stress-reduction and insomnia, and addressing illnesses of the body. Hypnotherapy is also used to positively promote academic, sports or performance improvement, confidence building and goal setting. Guided imagery, creative visualization, self-hypnosis and breathing techniques are used as part of the hypnotherapy experience. In addition to addressing physical/mental/emotional issues, clinical hypnotherapy can also address spiritual issues such past lives, re-birthing, speaking with deceased loved ones and guides, guardians and power animals, reviewing soul plans, experiencing life between lives, and soul retrieval work.




Kelly is a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist in private practice since 2004, and an Adjunct Professor of Complementary & Alternative Medicine in the School of Nursing at Walsh University.


Kelly has been fortunate enough to conduct seminars for the Walsh graduate nursing and counseling programs, and for Bio-Med Science Academy (NeoMed University) using guided meditation/clinical hypnotherapy for stress relief at finals time, for chronic pain management, for illness assessment, and indigenous methods of healing.


Kelly is also an advanced Reiki and advanced Shamanic practitioner, incorporating techniques from these practices into her Hypnotherapy sessions. She is certified in Herbalism (Traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic, North American & Amazon herbs), Detoxification/Cleansing methods, Essence Therapy and Iridology/Sclerology (physical/emotional/spiritual methods).


Kelly is a published metaphysical fiction author in the series, The Deadly Sevens Book Club Series, through Third Thursday Publishing.


Prior to her training in Alternative Therapies, Kelly practiced for 20 years as a Federal Administrative and Appellate Attorney, in the field of psychiatric disability law, specializing in representing civilian victims of trauma, and combat veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. At the State court level, Kelly represented her clients in the areas of mental health law, guardianship/conservatorship, domestic, and civil litigation. Kelly also practiced as a juvenile Guardian Ad Litem.


On Friday July 1, 2016, OMS presents John Kittle
(Doors open at 7:00 pm, and the speaker starts at 7:30 pm.
 A suggested love offering of $10).


Spiritualism and Mediumship


John will give a brief history of Modern Spiritualism, and the Science, Philosophy, and Religion of Spiritualism. A demonstration will be given of mental mediumship and trance. 


Rev. John H. Kittle


Involved in the field of Spiritualism as a worker, practicing medium, and a minister, for nearly 50 years. He has been a minister for the Akron, Massillon, and Kent Spiritualist Churches, and served many of the summer Spiritualist Camps in Ohio, New York, and Iowa. He is a medium with various phases of mental mediumship and trance. He is also a Pipe Carrier, and was guided by Little Elk, Black Elk's Grandson.




OMS meets the first Friday, of each month. (Please check our web site for possible additional meetings, and schedule changes). We meet at the Unity Chapel of Light, 503 Northwest Ave., Tallmadge, Ohio 44278. There are no membership requirements. Registration for all OMS meetings begins at 7:00 p.m. The speaker starts at 7:30. A donation of $10 is suggested. For more information go to www.oms4u.org, or contact Bruce Sugarberg (330)459-3163, or oms@core.com.
















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