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Friday, October 6, 2017.


On Friday October 6, 2017, OMS presentsRoe York
(Doors open at 7:00 pm, and the program starts at 7:30 pm.
A suggested love offering of $10).


Introduction to the Runes

I did not find the runes, they found me and I have had a love affair ever since.  I am not an expert by far but have read many books, taken classes, and attended group discussions.  The runes are said to be an alphabet used by the Germanic peoples, symbols of mystery and magic, small staves used for divination purposes- they are all of these and more.  Tonight I will be giving a brief history of the stones and a short description of the meaning of each of the twenty- four runes that comprise the Elder Futhark.  I will do a one stone reading and will teach participants how to use the stones in everyday life.  I hope that this introduction will spark an interest in learning more about these stones of mystery.


Roe York

I have been involved in metaphysical studies for over 20 years.  I began my journey learning about paganism where I was introduced to the runes.  I have been involved extensively with paranormal studies and have taught classes, led groups on ghost walks, and volunteered at various “haunted” places of interest.  I opened a studio in the valley where I taught a sacred space series of classes including energy works, divination, and rune stone readings—just to name a few. My work has led me to Unity, the Spiritualist church, and the Tibetan Buddhist temple where I have met many teachers and continue to learn. I facilitate the Death Café and have been active as a spiritual care volunteer at a local hospital.  I have an art background and a degree in Theatre arts specializing in costume and set design.  I am looking forward to combining the metaphysical with my art and re-opening my studio in the near future. 


OMS meets the first Friday, of each month. (Please check our web site for possible additional meetings, and schedule changes). We meet at the Unity Chapel of Light, 503 Northwest Ave., Tallmadge, Ohio 44278. There are no membership requirements. Registration for all OMS meetings begins at 7:00 p.m. The speaker starts at 7:30. A donation of $10 is suggested. For more information go to www.oms4u.org , or contact Bruce Sugarberg (330)459-3163, or oms@core.com .





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